We are a collection of organisations from across the economic spectrum supported by the Government to make our hydrogen mission a reality.  

Our members include energy companies, infrastructure providers, research organisations, vehicle manufacturers, tourism operators, transport companies and professional service providers who are committed to assisting the Association achieve its vision. 

We invite interested organisations to join us on this exciting journey. Please get in touch for more information or to become a Member.


  • Assist the transition to a low emissions future using renewable hydrogen as an integral part of New Zealand’s evolving energy needs.


  • Utilise New Zealand’s renewable energy resources to decarbonise our economy and reduce our reliance on imported fossil fuels.

  • Promote and encourage collaboration with global leaders to rapidly advance New Zealand’s renewable hydrogen capability.

  • Help to protect and enhance the value of the New Zealand brand to maintain our competitive advantage in the global economy.

  • Facilitate and enable cooperation between industry, government and academic stakeholders in order to position New Zealand at the forefront of the global hydrogen economy.


  • Facilitate collaboration and cooperation with national and international governmental, institutional and private sector agencies to advance the commercialisation and uptake of low emission hydrogen for use in New Zealand and for export.

  • Support and promote the development and adoption of effective policy and internationally recognised codes, standards and regulatory frameworks for efficient and effective use of low emission hydrogen infrastructure and associated technologies.

  • Deliver and facilitate the collection and dissemination of national and international hydrogen related information and resources.

  • Enable the realisation of business opportunities in low emission hydrogen through linkages with technology developers, service providers, research capability, operational partners and financiers in New Zealand and worldwide.

  • Provide thought leadership in order to advance the development of a low emission hydrogen economy in New Zealand.